Optimize Your Mind


What if there was a magic pill that allowed you to completely optimize your ability to focus, improved your memory, gave you a greater sense  confidence and mental toughness. Sounds like attributes of a winning candidate, right? What if this pill also created new brain cells and stronger neural connections from your mind to your body, slowing down the aging process? In addition to all these things, what if this miracle medicine also reduced stress and anxiety, improved your mood, and helped you sleep better?

If this pill existed I'm sure all of us would be running to our doctor's office to get a life-time prescription. I'm here to tell you this "pill" does exist in the form of…


That’s right! There are many reasons why people exercise. For many, it is a way to improve their overall health and look better naked. For others, it can be an outlet. A place to escape from the everyday shuffle and have a moment to themselves. Maybe the reason for the long run is to ponder thoughts about where you’ve been and where you’re headed. Without even realizing it, you may be practicing a form of meditation. A practice, most often used to seek answers or quiet our minds. This can help create space between you and life’s challenges, providing you with a new perspective, or metal clarity.

In addition, performing rigorous activities and pushing ourselves beyond our limits, can be a form of stress and suffering. Your body will adapt to this stimulus and become more well-suited in other stressful environments, like the workplace - if this is you, maybe it’s time for a new job ;). This ability to cope is a form of mental toughness.

In fact, Studies have found that aerobic exercise (activity that requires oxygen to be performed or lasts longer than 60sec without rest) improves several aspects of cognitive ability, namely memory and the capacity to learn new things. Resistance training, or strength training, and any movements that challenge muscular balance and coordination, increase the number of neural connections from our brains to our bodies. These new patterns and the demand on the body don’t just expand our body's capabilities but our minds as well.

Exercise can significantly improve our overall quality of life. It can be used as a tool to shape our physique into something sculpted by the hands of the gods, but even beyond that, it can help us not just endure life’s challenges, but tackle them head on. Through movement, you will better know thyself, and as Socrates said, "people make themselves appear ridiculous when they are trying to know obscure things before they know themselves."

Our mind and body are one in the same. You cannot truly know yourself without movement, and through movement you will expand your mind. So get out of your seat and go MOVE.

Timothy Khanoyan