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Alysha L.

Alysha L.

Each morning when I would hit the gym, I’d see this guy training my neighbors in our apartment building gym. I didn’t think much of it, as I personally didn’t believe I really needed a trainer because I was pretty self-motivated and enjoyed pushing my limits…well so I thought.

Fast forward a few months -

newly engaged I was still pushing those self-directed limits, but with the pressure of 6 months to go until we said, “I do.”

Around three months before our wedding, after having exchanged a few hellos and seeing, “this guy” Tim in action, my curiosity was peeked, and I decided to speak to him about training.

Let me just say, that those limits I thought I was pushing myself past were proved minimal after our first session! But it wasn’t this horrible, difficult thing that I dreaded each session. Rather, Tim helped me set goals against my previous session performance, always building in weight or time for example, and he came to MY apartment, which made making excuses hard too!

The training was very personalized - 

it was based on my needs and desires - having toned arms, a defined back, and a nice booty for my wedding festivities.

Alysha L.

Having a coach with extensive knowledge around mind, body and nutrition was key in reaching my goals. Tim would frequently share details regarding nutrition as well as provide resources.

Most importantly Tim was REALISTIC; he knew the short timeframe I had for these goals and made it clear the amount of work that may have to go into it all. Of course, everyone’s body is different, so I had to work as hard as I could in the time that I had, and be proud of where my body took me. Fast forward again three months and it was time for the wedding.

I’d be lying if I said -

those three months were as glamorous as the wedding. And though the nutrition and training were sometimes mentally and physically challenging, having a trainer’s encouragement and visible results kept me inspired.

I remember telling Tim how I was nervous I’d bulk up, but had this desire to have toned arms and a defined back. He squashed any preconceived notions I had in terms of lifting weights or “resistance-training”.

A couple of friends actually mentioned -

Alysha L.

they had “arm and back envy”. I used to think, reaching my wedding body goals would require long hours of cardio.

It turns out that when doing the workouts that were designed for me, in doing just 25-35mins per workout (depending how much I was beating yesterday’s goals), I could see MORE results than when doing hour-long elliptical sessions.

Applying this approach -

is something that not only made me reach my goals for my wedding day, but made me feel my very best, and that feeling is AWESOME!

I’d highly recommend Club High-Rise to anyone looking for this type of positive change, but in particular to any BRIDE-TO-BE looking to feel and look their very best on their wedding day!


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