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our philosophy

At Club High-Rise, we believe good health is created through the relationship of four action mechanisms. Move. Fuel. Recover. Live. Like gears in a watch, to function properly, all gears must be in motion. That is why we help our clients build habits for long-term success and transform lives through changing behaviors inside and outside of the gym. 


Meet the leadership Team

Timothy Khanoyan


Timothy Khanoyan is the CEO of Club High-Rise. He is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the company. Tim brings vast knowledge and understanding of the health and wellness space, having over a decade of experience in the industry. Prior to founding Club High-Rise, Tim was one the leading Tier 3+ trainers at Equinox, a nationally renowned health club. Aside from earning numerous certifications, he has over ten thousand hours of experience training clients of all walks of life.

He founded Club High-Rise with the intent of improving more lives, educating others on the necessity of a holistic approach and understanding the connection between the four mechanisms of health: Move. Fuel. Recover. Live.

Cindy Kung

Cindy Kung

As Chief Operating Officer, Cindy oversees all aspects of the business operations within the company. In her spare time, she is a dedicated and beloved yoga instructor at CorePower Yoga, as well as at a number of our properties. Prior to joining Club High-Rise, Cindy was a corporate lawyer at a leading international law firm serving companies of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. She has over five years of experience in a variety of matters, including corporate strategy and governance, mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity financings, and contracts. Her attention to detail enables Club High-Rise to provide the highest level of quality to our partners and clients.

Cindy is deeply committed to furthering Club High-Rise's mission to bring holistic wellness into people's lives and transform them for the better. 

Nadine Bentele


Nadine’s focus is on strategic activities from creating, communicating, and delivering offerings that bring value to our clients, business and affiliate partners. Nadine is originally from Switzerland, and comes to us with a diverse background having worked at numerous pharmaceutical companies, from global giants to biotech start-ups. She held various positions from public relations, internal communications, to marketing operations and product marketing.

She is not just passionate about fitness and health herself, but even more so excited to elevate Club High-Rise to become a trusted household brand for on-demand high-quality wellness services.